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Daniel Einspanjer's journal

Data warehousing, ETL, BI, and general hackery

Daniel Einspanjer
17 December 1974
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Professional Summary

I am currently a metrics software engineer. That means that I specialize in the fields of ETL, data warehousing, and business intelligence. I am currently employed by Mozilla Corporation and I can truly say it is my dream job.

I've been a software developer for many years now. I am highly proficient with Java and web related applications.

I'm a skilled troubleshooter for Windows and moderately skilled in Linux. I administer my own mail and web servers as a hobby.

I enjoy helping people wherever I can.


Web Development; Java, JavaScript, JSP, HTML, JNI, C++, VB, .NET, XML, XML Schema, XSL, XPath; Windows Administration; Network Security; SQL Database Management; Linux Administration; Internet Protocols; E-mail MTA Administration

I'm also an open source developer involved with a few projects. I have submitted patches or interacted with developers on: the Linux kernel, the Gentoo GNU/Linux distro, the gVim editor, Pentaho Data Integration, Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, and several extensions to Firefox.

I have a firm grasp of Internet protocols and security concepts, and I actively participate in several forums and mailing lists, offering assistance when I feel it might be useful.

I'm your usual decent guy. I try to be nice to people and I help them out whenever I can. Sometimes I screw up and offend people and it tears me up. I have occasional bouts of low self-esteem, and I have to try very hard to control my tendency to be a know-it-all or bossy at other times. I'm happily married, and while I don't chat as much as I did back in my BBS days, I still like to make new friends. I tend to treat the Internet more as a tool than an escape mechanism now-a-days. If there is anything I left out, or anything you'd like to know, just drop me a line.