Daniel Einspanjer (daniele) wrote,
Daniel Einspanjer

Book Review - Pentaho Data Integration 3.2: Beginner's Guide

On my plane flight yesterday, I was finally able to crack this book open and I ended up reading it from cover to cover in one sitting!
I highly recommend the book to anyone who has to deal with manipulating and moving data from one place to another on a regular basis.  Pentaho Data Integration (PDI or Kettle) is an amazing tool for these types of tasks, and this book is a fantastic way for someone to quickly become familiar with the tool and start producing useful jobs and transformations in it.

The book has a very light and easy tone, and it is filled with lots of practical, real-world examples and screen-shots which make it easy to follow along.  It has quiz questions (a couple of which I had to double check my answer on, and *that* is telling you something!).  I also enjoyed the "have a go, hero" sections where you are given some simple follow-up tasks that help drill in the topic that was just discussed.

I've ordered a few copies to be kept at the Mozilla headquarters so new members of my team can become familiar with the tool that is so much the lifeblood of our team's products, and I also want people in Mozilla who currently write little scripts to munge data to take a look as this tool makes it very easy to turn these processes into something that is visually documented and very extensible.

The book can be ordered directly from the publisher via the link above, or through Amazon.  Check it out!
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