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Clip Man


Daniel Einspanjer's journal

Data warehousing, ETL, BI, and general hackery

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I've always thought my job was fun. Now I hear it is sexy too!
Clip Man
I just finished reading this lovely little post from the company dataspora titled The Three Sexy Skills of Data Geeks.

By far, my favorite quote was, "A good data munger excels at turning coffee into regular expressions and parsers".  That certainly describes me to a tee. :)

I've always found each of these the three facets of working with data fascinating.  One of the comments mentioned that decision making was an important missing trait.  I could go either way there.  I feel it is good to be able to tell a compelling story with the data that helps others to understand it, and then those people take the understanding you imparted to them and make decisions based on it.

It is incredibly hard to find a person who is skilled in just one or two of these facets.  When you find the data geek who has all three, then you count yourself lucky.  Expecting someone who has that caliber of devotion to data to also be capable of making decisions like a CEO is a bit unrealistic in my opinion.

Anyway, the article is a good, quick read.  It also quite nicely summarizes the major passions in my professional life right now.