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Clip Man


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TinyArro.ws URLs
Clip Man
A friend just released an URL shrinking service that I enjoy:  tinyarro.ws (more nifty when written as ➡.ws).
It has a few great features over the current main stream shrinkers:

1. Cool/fun URLs (e.g. http://➽.ws/囨 for my website)
2. Very short URLs due to Unicode suffixes (great for Twitter!)
3. Preview by default! (no tweak to the URL to remember)
4. Option to enter your own custom suffix (TinyURL now has this, but it was too useful to not mention).
5. A Ubiquity command ›.ws/☺ (eventually to be integrated directly on the site)

Some news about the site:
TinyArro.ws: 10 new unicode domains. Defaulting previews to ON.
Ask HN: Thoughts on TinyArro.ws? Tiniest urls in the world (or your money back)

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TinyURL makes baby jesus cry...

Please read...


Re: TinyURL makes baby jesus cry...

Sorry, I feel they have their place. There are times that a big long URL just won't do. It would be great if every web service used good links, but they don't. While the default URLs generated by tinyarro.ws aren't conducive to spelling in a conversation, the custom suffixes are. They can also be much more memorable than even a semantic URL.

There are good preventative measures in place for each of the major problems mentioned in your two links with the exception of "linkrot". Unfortunately, link rot would only be prevented if we had a truly semantic web that supported some of the less commonly followed guidelines suggested by the W3C such as always permanent URLs. And if we had that, then URL shrinking services wouldn't help or hinder that problem anyway.

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