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SSH magic
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I use SSH on a daily basis. Most of the machines I connect to can be accessed in one of two ways:
  1. OpenSSL VPN
  2. SSH to a jumphost then SSH from there to the desired machine

I wanted to share the configuration I use to make that easier.
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Been hard at work trying to get the rest of the 2008 data loaded up.
Been getting much more advanced with my Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle or PDI) setup. I'm now running it in a clustered fashion and although I've had a few hiccoughs along the way, I've got it churning through files at a respectable rate (about 40000 records per second).

I also wanted to mention the following bash script I wrote.

I've got some memory leaks that I have yet to iron out and I want to make sure that I can easily restart all my Kettle slave nodes without having to go to each one. Since they are run inside a screen session, I was able to write some screen magic to do so:

screen -r -p 1 -X stuff '^C'
screen -r -p 1 -X stuff './ 40000^M'

for n in 1 2 3; do
ssh server0$n <<- 'EOF'
screen -r -p 0 -X stuff '^C'
screen -r -p 0 -X stuff './ 40000^M'
screen -r -p 1 -X stuff '^C'
screen -r -p 1 -X stuff './ 40001^M'

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