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for x in ${!SSH_*} do echo export "$x='$!x'" done >/home/me/bin/fixssh

Nice! That is a lot cleaner than my current grabssh script. :)

Whoops, there's a typo or two in there, and it formatted badly. Let me try again: for x in ${!SSH_*}; do echo export "$x=\'${!x}\'"; done > /home/me/bin/fixssh

Screen? Save Session?

Omnitty not playing well with screen is a problem for me, since I use screen mostly for preserving sessions between disconnects without having to nohup everything. Is there any way to get it to play nicely with screen?

Also, can you save a session configuration? Adding 40 servers each time omnitty starts is a real pain.

Re: Screen? Save Session?

I think to get it to play nice, someone needs to port it to use the new replacement library for rote.

As far as configuration, you can write a file that consists of a line with the username@hostname for each server you want to connect to, then import that file by running omnitty, hitting F5, then using @/path/to/file

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