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Love the video - it's great! You pull a few wicked tricks there, and I am planning to add those to my repetoire. I might re-blog it over the weekend, in order to compare with the things I have already.

One thing about the video: in the end you mention a 100 x performance increase. But it looked to me you were up from about 50,000 r/s to 500,000 r/s, which i would call a 10x increase. Am I missing something?

Yes, it is a 10x increase. Did I mention I sometimes have problems with basic math? I knew as soon as I started saying the words that they weren't right, but I wasn't about to go back and rerecord that part so I just mumbled and trailed off. ;)

This is interesting

Hey Daniel this is Manish Maheshwari, from Northeastern...
Well I started with Kettle and pentaho BI recently...did a few experiments with Spoon and kitchen..few demos..As advised by you I did download the Jira solution and I am still facing issues with it (Software-quality) but I am sure going through your blogs and other knowledgeable blogs will make my life easier... I liked the screencast...hopefully u will keep posting more.. :)

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